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ECT #9-13: Stiles Cove Path (in pieces)

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I broke up the stunning Stiles Cove Path (Flatrock to Pouch Cove) into several section hikes to accommodate lack of time and transportation. It would be lovely to hike the whole 15k in a single stretch, but the only section I was able to hike one way was a stretch of about 7k from Stiles Cove to Shoe Cove, where I was able to arrange for my son to pick me up and one end and drive me back to my car. The whole trail is filled with staggeringly lovely vistas, and I had the good fortune of hiking most of it after our terrible July weather and ended and we finally began having summer in August.

stiles cove 20

I also searched for some geocaches along the way, some of which I found and some of which just resulted in scrached-up shins as I stumbled through bushes and brambles (since it had finally gotten warm enough to wear shorts on the trail!). There are just so many breathtakingly beautiful spots along this trail and the quick pictures I snapped with my phone don’t do justice to them, but they do allow me to recapture for a moment the wonder of being there.

stiles cove 1

Stiles Cove Path: Length of trail — 15K
Due to return section hikes I probably hiked a total of 23-24K on this path over 5 days of hikes


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