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Quote Unquote


Several years ago, on this very blog, I wrote an angry rant about the trend of literary fiction writers dropping the use of quotation marks. In the years since, I still haven’t embraced the trend, but I’m maybe a little less angry. I decided to use my latest Shelf Esteem video to explore this phenomenon and see how widespread it really is. It does get a bit angry at one point, but only at Cormac McCarthy.

2 thoughts on “Quote Unquote

  1. I have experimented with eliding quotation marks. For the most part I am uncomfortable with what I see when it is printed. Semicolons? Love them or hate them. Usage for me depends upon my target audience.

  2. LOL at the blooper at the end. I’m glad to see that you are not advocating violence against the unpunctuated.

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