Things That Go Wrong With Your E-reader…

… that never happen to your paper book.

It’s the e-reader vs paper book showdown, Part One. Back next week with Part Two in which I explore cool things you can do with your e-reader that you can’t do with your paper book. Trying to show both sides here, folks!

2 Replies to “Things That Go Wrong With Your E-reader…”

  1. Not being able to curl up with your e-book and a blanket during an electricity blackout would be in the “I forgot to plug in my battery” category. But it does go to show how much of our entertainment and work is dependent on electricity. And, in another example, I’m thinking that dropping the ebook or the paper book in the bathtub has the same effect.

    1. I have dropped a couple of paper books in the bath with very negative results on their longterm readability. The only reason I haven’t dropped my e-reader in the bath is because I don’t take it in there!

      As long as you had your battery charged, the e-reader would be better than the paper book for a short-term, night-time blackout because you wouldn’t need an electric light to read by. But of course, depending on your battery life, you could only enjoy that for a few hours before you’d be falling back on reading paper books by daylight.

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