Things You Can Do With an E-book…

…that you can’t do with a paper book. Here’s the follow-up to the last Shelf Esteem video. This one explores the advantages of e-books, and contains two tantalizing glimpses — one of my underwear (!!) and one of something even more exciting!

That’s right, it’s the paperback of What You Want, finally available for people who want to read on paper not screens. You can get it from,, or directly from CreateSpace (which ends up in a tiny bit more of the money going back to the writer, just in case you’re interested).

2 Replies to “Things You Can Do With an E-book…”

  1. 🙂 We encountered three of these problems on Sunday after the last concert for the March Hare. My mom had finished her murder mystery, and needed something to read. Corner Brook’s Chapters was closed, and the Shopper’s Drugs didn’t have anything that she wanted to read, or hadn’t already read. Fortunately, she had not yet read “What You Want”. We could have downloaded it that evening in our hotel room, but I already had it on my I-Pad, which I passed over to my mom. She happily enjoyed your book finishing it at 1:00 in the morning–while I slept soundly in the next bed. My mom got her reading fix, and a good one, and I got a good nights sleep, so I could drive to St. John’s the next day well rested.

    1. I’m glad your mom enjoyed the book and particularly impressed that she was willing to read it on the iPad! Going on a trip and running out of books has always been one of my biggest fears.

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