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It’s the third week in April…


Three weeks ago, I was on vacation in Florida. This was me.

Today I am back home in St. John’s. This is me.

We had a record snowfall today — somewhere between 40 and 50 centimetres. We also had a snow day — surely the last of the season! I can’t help but wish I were back in Florida.

For years I resisted taking a winter vacation because a teacher the only time I can get away is Easter Break and it’s always so expensive and hard to book at that time of year. But we are fortunate enough to have a family member who owns a house in Florida, and last year, after seeing everyone’s pictures of tropical vacation spots all through February and March, and looking at the window at blizzardy scenes such as we saw today, I thought, “No, I must do it. I must get out of here, even for a week, even at Easter.”

The worst part about taking a winter vacation to some place warm is that you have to come back to Newfoundland weather.

The best part is that we did get away, at least for a little while. And we have those memories.

In the meantime, I am taking heart from a little chalk message I left for myself on our hall table, along with some tulips. Have faith!



2 thoughts on “It’s the third week in April…

  1. I can so relate…..except for the snow, that is. But I’m hanging on tooth and nail to my vacation memories by the sea.

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